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Overnight Parking Regulations

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Why does the City of Appleton not allow overnight parking on city streets?

The reasons range from operational benefits for the Department of Public Works, police operation benefits, to aesthetic reasons. There are various operations that the city performs that happen at night. These consist of garbage pickup starting around 4:30 a.m., street sweeping which operates all night, and snow plowing. All of these operations are accomplished better and more efficiently without vehicles parked on the street. The police may note a vehicle parked on a street when responding to a call and use that information when investigating a crime. The restriction also keeps a neighborhood looking cleaner by stopping a vehicle from being parked on the street for an extended period of time for various reasons.

If an emergency arises, such as a mechanical breakdown, home or street construction or overflow guest vehicles, the police can give short term permission to park overnight on a street. To avoid getting a citation for overnight parking, a request needs to be submitted to the Police Department for the day or evening needed by visiting this page.

Even with permission from the police department there are some restrictions and guidelines. The vehicle must be parked in a legal parking spot. Permission will not be granted to park in a restricted area. If the vehicle is going to be parked on the street on the day of garbage pick-up, make sure there is adequate room in the area around the garbage container for our trucks to reach the can. If the vehicle will also be parked during the daytime, be considerate of the postal workers and do not park near a mail box if they are on the curb in your neighborhood.

We are very proud of the way Appleton is a clean and safe place to live. Please help us to maintain these standards.