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Aqua Hawk

AquaHawk is a FREE software service offered to City of Appleton utility customers that allows you to monitor your own water usage, receive alerts and manage your own account.

By creating an account, you can:                                                                  

  • Monitor water usage                                                                                                            
  • Receive water leak and high bill alerts
  • Customize alert settings
  • Monitor utility bill expense

AquaHawk helps prevent costly property damage from leaks and gives you peace of mind when you're away from home.  You can decide if you want to be contacted by email, text message or phone call.  When your usage rises above the parameters, you will be notified, potentially saving you money.

This helpful video will walk you thru the steps to set up your account today.


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If you've already signed up for the AquaHawk water monitoring system, watch the video below to see how you can access and change your leak detection settings to help you get the most out of the application.


Disclaimer:  The estimated bill amount shown in AquaHawk only represents the estimated water and sewer portion of your quarterly service invoice.  The actual quarterly bill amount will be higher, since it also includes charges for stormwater, garbage collection (refuse), etc.

AquaHawk Privacy Policy