Accessible Bus Service

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All Valley Transit buses are wheelchair accessible. Each bus has two securement areas for passengers with wheelchairs. 


Our newer fleet of buses (the blue buses) have a kneeling feature which allows the bus to lower slightly making it easier for passengers to board the bus. At some stops, our drivers will automatically "kneel" the bus but you can request it at any stop. 

Wheelchair Ramp

To use the ramp, wait seven to ten feet from the curb. This allows enough room for the ramp to be deployed. Let the driver know you need to use the ramp, and be prepared to board first. Valley Transit drivers are fully trained in operating the ramp and will help you get on and off the bus if necessary. The ramp will beep when in motion. When it's lowered, the driver will indicate when it's safe to board. 

Bus Securement Areas

Each Valley Transit bus has two spaces at the front of the bus for passengers in wheelchairs. These spaces include safety belts for extra protection and 4-point tie-down restraint systems. Drivers will secure each wheelchair and verify that it is secure before leaving the stop.

More than two wheelchair passengers 

If more than two customers using wheelchairs want to ride, the driver will tell them when the next bus is scheduled to arrive. In most cases, the next bus will arrive in one hour. 

If this wait is unacceptable, the passenger can request a paratransit pick-up. The driver will call our Valley Transit II service provider and have the passenger transported using the Valley Transit II system. It may take as long as 45 minutes for the van to arrive, and the basic Valley Transit II fare of $4.00 will be required.