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What is a Transfer?

If you will need to use more than one bus on your trip, ask your driver for a transfer. Transfers are free, and must be requested when the fare is paid. Be sure to let the driver know which route you'll be transferring to, so they can ensure that you will make your connection. Please note that while we strive to ensure connections for transfers, we cannot guarantee them.

What if I need more than two buses?

If you will need to use three buses to reach your destination, drivers can issue a transfer for a transfer. Transfers can only be issued for another transfer on certain routes. Once a transfer for a transfer has been issued, no further transfers will be issued. Transfer for a transfer will only be issued at a transfer point. Please see your driver for specific routes. 

Where can I transfer?

Transfers are accepted anywhere on the fixed-route system as long as the transfer is still valid.