Fixed Route Bus

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Everything you need to know to ride the bus

How to Ride the Bus in 4 Easy Steps:

If you're not into reading maps, check out our Google Transit Trip Planner (mobile users: use your Google Maps app to get transit information) and let Google do the trip planning for you. Just be sure to check our Alerts page for any detour information that might affect your bus route. 

And, you can always call us at 920-832-5800 and speak with one of our friendly dispatchers. They'd be happy to provide you with bus route information and trip planning assistance. 

Step 1: Find Your Route

Check the appropriate system map (Weekday daytime or evening/Saturday) to locate the route closest to your origin and destination point. You may find that you'll need to ride more than one route to reach your destination; in that case, make sure to request a FREE transfer from your bus driver when boarding the first bus. Click here for more information on transfers. 

Step 2: Check the Schedule

Now that you've found the route you need, you're ready to look at the schedule and find out what time to catch the bus!

Check out our Maps & Schedules page for the route you need to take. You'll find detailed information on every stop along that route and a list of timepoints which indicate when the bus will reach key destinations along your route. The timepoints will help you figure out the time when the bus will reach your stop. 

Make sure you arrive at your bus stop a little early. The departure times along the routes are close but may not be exact. 

Step 3: Choose the Right Fare

Now that you know which route to take and when to catch the bus, you'll want to choose the fare that works for you. Have your fare ready - you'll need to pay for your ride as you board.

See the Fares & Passes page for your fare options.  

Step 4: Catch Your Bus

Arrive at your bus stop a few minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive. As you see the bus coming, raise your arm to alert the driver that you are waiting to catch the bus. If you are waiting in a bus shelter, please exit the shelter as the bus approaches.

The route name and number appear on the sign above the bus windshield and on the side of the bus. Check this sign to make sure it is the route you need before you board.

About half a block from your destination bus stop, pull the cord above the window to signal the driver that you wish to exit the bus. The driver will stop at the next bus stop, in a location where it will be safe for you to exit.


Additional information for your bus trip: