Fares & Passes

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Fare information for bus service, Valley Transit II paratransit and The Connector


Bus Fares & Passes

There are a number of locations where you can purchase bus passes: Ticket Outlet information


For ages 19-64.

Cash   $2.00   
DayPass  $4.00  Unlimited bus rides for one day
10 Ride Ticket  $17.00  
30 Day Pass  $60.00  



For ages 65+, people on Medicare and people with a disability. Proof of eligibility required.

Cash  $1.00  
DayPass  $4.00  Unlimited bus rides for one day
10 Ride Ticket  $10.00  
30 Day Pass  $40.00  



For ages 5-18. Proof of age or student status required (elementary school through high school). Children 4 and under ride free with paying passenger.

Cash  $0.75  
DayPass  $4.00  Unlimited bus rides for one day
30 Day Youth Pass  $22.00  


VTII, Paratransit 

Valley Transit II ADA Paratransit Fares

Must be certified to use this service

Click here for more service description and certification information. 

Exact fare or ticket required. 

Weekend service is available to ADA cardholders only. 

Monday - Saturday BASIC $4.00 
Monday - Saturday PREMIUM       $6.00 
Sunday Service $11.00 
Sheet of 10 BASIC tickets $40.00 
Sheet of 10 PREMIUM tickets $60.00 



The Connector Fares

Click here for more information about The Connector service.

Exact fare required. Drivers cannot make change.

Traveling TO The Connector Zone    $4.00 
Traveling FROM The Connector Zone   $4.00 
Traveling WITHIN The Connector Zone   $6.00