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1. I want to tour the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Request for tours of the Wastewater Treatment plant are approved on a case by case basis due to staff availability. If you are interested in scheduling a tour please call 920-832-5945. 

General Tour Policy: 
Staff will conduct tours of the Wastewater Treatment Plant between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. A two week notice is requested. If anyone in the group has any special needs, please inform the tour coordinator at the time of the tour request. 

Due to safety concerns, tours given to students who are under the age of twelve are not advised but may be done under certain circumstances. 

All safety precautions and directions must be followed. 

Large school groups must provide adequate adult supervision. 

In the event of inclement weather, a tour may be canceled at the discretion of the Operations Supervisor.

2. I want to know if I can dump my recreational vehicles holding tank at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Unfortunately, no. We have been told that a RV dealership in Appleton has a dump station as well as some of the larger chain gas stations in the Appleton / Fox Cities area.

3. I want to know where can I recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Residents can now safely dispose of compact fluorescent light bulbs free of charge at the following locations: 

Ace Hardware, 500 E. Northland Avenue, Appleton Phone:731-0500 
Carstens Ace Hardware, 390 E. County Highway CE, Kaukauna Phone: 766-7773 
Hardware Hank, 2001 E. Main Street, Little Chute Phone: 766-6096 
Home Depot, 2201 S. Kensington Drive, Appleton Phone:734-8134 
Home Depot, 653 N. Westhill Boulevard, Appleton Phone: 993-1123 
Kitz and Pfeil True Value, 1919 E. Calumet Street, Appleton Phone:739-9481 
Northside True Value, 1415 N. Richmond Street, Appleton Phone: 734-0358 

Tube fluorescent light bulbs are accepted for a fee at the following locations: 

Outagamie County Department of Solid Waste, 1419 Holland Road, Appleton 
4 foot or smaller $0.50 each 
5 foot or larger $1.00 each 

Batteries / Bulbs Plus, 3179 E. Calumet Street, Appleton Phone:380-0011 
Batteries / Bulbs Plus, 4190 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Appleton Phone:738-1607

4. I want to know about the lift stations located throughout the city.

We have 14 lift stations located throughout the City of Appleton. These lift stations serve as collection points for neighborhood collection systems. The wastewater is pumped into intercepting sewers that lead to the wastewater treatment plant. Our lift stations are constantly monitored at the treatment plant to ensure proper operation. The public is asked to call the phone number on the lift station (832-5945) if the red notification light is lit.

5. I want to know how long it takes to clean the wastewater.

At average flow, it takes 21 hours to treat the wastewater. It takes 17.5 hours at design flow.

6. I want to know how many gallons of wastewater are treated in a day.

On average, 11.5 million gallons of wastewater are treated in a day.

7. I want to know how many people work at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

We currently employee 22 full-time employees. The plant is staffed 24-7, 365 days per year. 

For employment opportunities please contact the Human Resources Department.

8. I want to know how the quality of the treated wastewater is ensured.

Instrumentation provides information and records and stores data on wastewater processes around the clock. This information is monitored and evaluated by the operations staff for quality control. Samples are collected and analyzed by certified laboratory technicians in our State certified laboratory. Testing results and operational information are provided to the State DNR for their review each month.

9. I want to know how to properly dispose of my mercury thermometer or mercury containing devices.

Please call the Outagamie County Department of Solid Waste for scheduled household hazardous waste clean sweep events. You may also check their website for more information.

10. I want to know what the capacity is of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The design flow rate of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is 15.5 million gallons per day. The maximum flow rate is 90 million gallons per day.