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Sewer Backup

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The City of Appleton would like to pass along a few facts that hopefully will assist you in understanding, and possibly preventing, the rare occurrence of a sewer backup. Flooding in the sewer system can be caused by blockage in the sewer lines or by infiltration of surface water during storms. The City does everything possible to prevent this problem, but flooding of sewer lines may still occasionally occur. City ordinance currently requires installation of a backflow preventer in the service line connecting a new building to the City sewer system. Existing buildings are not required to provide such a device, but the City strongly recommends that owners consider retrofitting backflow preventers in existing buildings.

Did you know?

A backflow preventer is a mechanical means whereby flooding in the sanitary sewer system is prevented from backing up into your basement or building; Most homeowner’s insurance policies do no pay for sewer backups;The City does not pay for damages caused by sewer backups unless the backup can be shown to be caused by City negligence, so most of these claims are denied.

What can you do?

Install a sewer backflow preventer; Call your insurance agent regarding your coverage.

Call the City Plumbing Inspector at 832-6411 with questions.


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