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Law Enforcement Addiction Assistance Program (L.E.A.A.P)

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Heroin and prescription opioid drug abuse is a public health crisis which has caused record numbers of overdose deaths and contributed to increases in drug-related crime. There are many resources available in the Fox Valley, but understanding how to access these services can be difficult. With the recognition that addiction is not a crime, and strong community support, the Appleton Police Department will address the needs of any person who comes into the station requesting help with their opiate addiction. 

By encouraging addicted individuals to seek help from law enforcement without fear of being arrested and prosecuted, the Appleton Police Department hopes to improve the quality of life for program participants and their families while also preventing future crimes and overdose deaths associated with drug addiction.


Eligibility for L.E.A.A.P. is limited to residents of the City of Appleton and those who currently attend school in Appleton. In certain circumstances, residents from other jurisdictions within Outagamie County may be granted admission into the program. 


Amnesty for potential and approved participants will only exist for possession of paraphernalia and possession of controlled substances turned over at the time of program screening. Any other violations of the law related to the participant will be dealt with accordingly. If any other criminal issues exist, officers will refer the matter to the Outagamie County District Attorney’s Office for evaluation. 

If a participant has outstanding criminal cases ongoing during program participation, the L.E.A.A.P. program coordinator will notify the district attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction of the participant’s involvement in L.E.A.A.P. The program coordinator will also notify the district attorney’s office of treatment compliance and program completion on behalf of the participant. 


Anyone interested in L.E.A.A.P. should contact the Appleton Police Department or come in to the police department and request help with your opiate addiction.

The interested person will be given an initial screening to see if they qualify for the program. If accepted, a volunteer will be assigned to assist participants in obtaining an expedited treatment plan. The program coordinator will follow-up with the participants as they go through the    treatment process to offer any further support or assistance.

If you have insurance, please be sure to bring your insurance card with you to the police department


Participation in L.E.A.A.P. is voluntary.  If a potential program participant subsequently elects not to request assistance or continue with program screening, they will be allowed to leave freely. Any contraband turned over will be destroyed in accordance with APD policy.


We understand detox facilities are limited in the Fox Valley and we have partnered with local healthcare providers to get program participants assistance in obtaining non-narcotic medications to help cope with the effects of opiate withdrawal. If program participants wish to see a doctor to obtain these non-narcotic medications to ease their withdrawal symptoms, participants should notify the officer or volunteer during the intake screening process. Please see the list of partner organizations on the back of this   brochure. Other providers may offer similar medications but that cannot be guaranteed.

If a participant wishes to have medication-assisted treatment (i.e. Suboxone, Methadone, or Vivitrol), they will be directed to an appropriate facility. 

All medications received by program participants are at the sole discretion of medical professionals and should be taken as prescribed. 

Questions about the program?

Ignacio Enriquez  - Community Liaison Officer

Appleton Police Department

APD Front Desk (24 hr): (920) 832-5500


LEAAP Brochure