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SRO Responsibilities

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  • Provide early intervention to keep small problems from becoming large ones
  • Divert students from the juvenile justice system when appropriate
  • Serve as liaisons between juveniles and/or their parents, service organizations, school personnel, and the community
  • Provide information about legal matters to students, their parents, and the school staff
  • Work with school administrators on developing policies and procedures to keep schools safe
  • Give classroom and other presentations
  • Be a friend, counselor, and listener to youth with personal problems
  • Investigate crimes where juveniles are either victims or perpetrators and enforce applicable laws
  • Investigate sensitive crime investigations involving both adults and juveniles
  • Supervise school grounds, extra curricular school activities, and school neighborhoods
  • Make referrals to other agencies
  • Serve as a positive role model to students
  • Work closely with child protection, social services, juvenile intake, and other community agencies
  • Serve on school Building Consultation Teams
  • Share information with school administrators about the conduct of students in the community
  • Provide training to other police officers on the special needs and concerns of youth
  • Serve on a variety of committees and task forces working to improve services available for juveniles

Frisch, Michael

Lt. Mike Frisch #9170

School Resource Officer Coordinator