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Special Investigations Unit

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Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is a collaboration between the Appleton Police Department and Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office. Officers and deputies assigned to the unit have full arrest powers within Outagamie County and the city of Appleton. SIU is responsible for investigating drug related offenses, vice-related crimes, intelligence gathering and surveillance operations, fugitive apprehension, and gang suppression.  

SIU’s primary mission is to address problems that require a level of time commitment that is not afforded to patrol officers and does not meet the requirements of a major crime for case transfer to the Investigative Services Unit (ISU). SIU works with the Community Liaison Officers (CLO’s) to identify and remove drug and nuisance houses in the community.  SIU assist the Lake Winnebago Metropolitan Enforcement Group-Drug Unit (LWAM) with the disruption of mid-level to high-level drug trafficking organizations.  SIU Officers operate in a covert fashion and utilize a variety of investigative methods to successfully investigate complaints of illegal activity.

Drug Enforcement

  • Collaborate with patrol, School Resource Officers (SRO’s), WI Department of Corrections (WDOC) to identify and investigate individuals and locations
  • Assist LWAM with drug enforcement operations within Outagamie County
  • Utilize patrol officers to assist with surveillance and investigation of locations identified through tips or neighborhood complaints
  • Collaborate with CLO’s to educate land lords and support crime free housing (Abatement)

Fugitive Apprehension

  • Collaborate with the Threat Assessment Officer (TAO) to identify dangerous individuals
  • Conduct Surveillance operations of identified wanted suspects (domestic violence offenders, failure to appear court appearances, felony/misdemeanor warrant)
  • Collaborate with Outagamie County jail staff to apprehend jail walk away
  • Coordinate tactical apprehension of targeted suspects

Information and Intelligence Gathering Operations

  • Assist patrol officers throughout Outagamie County with the following:
    • Surveillance of problem locations or individuals
    • Support the planning of multi-jurisdictional operations
    • Development and service of search warrants
    • Dissemination of intelligence and information sharing throughout Outagamie County
  • Dignitary protection and site security
  • Assist investigators though Outagamie County with the following:
    • Surveillance of suspects
    • Apprehension of suspects via investigator developed probable cause or arrest warrant
    • Writing and securing search warrants for locations, vehicles, social media, and electronic devices, etc. within Outagamie County
  • Community presentations

Prostitution/Sex Trafficking Suppression

  • Conduct prostitution disruption operations
  • Conduct enforcement efforts on felonious traffickers
  • Identify those who are most vulnerable and are victims of sex trafficking
    • Utilize prostitute/victim advocacy groups
  • Utilize post arrest recidivism reduction programs
    • AIM Program; Deferred prosecution agreements
  • Identify and investigate massage parlors providing sexual services to customers

Gang Suppression

  • Conduct high intensity monitoring and enforcement of identified gang members
  • Collaborate with WDOC, SRO’s, and patrol officers to identify potential gang members.

Street Crimes Generally

  • Assist with the investigation of crimes as requested by Appleton PD and Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office command staff and investigative units
  • Investigate weapons complaints
  • Target nuisance locations
  • Investigate graffiti complaints at the request of Community Service Officers or areas within Outagamie County


Lewis, Gary




Lt. Gary Lewis #9221

Special Investigations Unit