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Crime Free Rental Property - Phase Two

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All participating properties will have a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) survey done. The CPTED survey ensures that minimum requirements are met and maintained to create a safe building and grounds. The following are the minimum requirements to participate in the program:
  • Doors – Must be solid core, have deadbolts, a strike plate with 2-3 inch screws and a 180-degree eye viewer.
  • Patio Doors and Windows - Must have lift and slide protection.
  • Hallways – Must be appropriately lit.
  • Parking Lots – Must be appropriately lit and posted (for junked/ abandoned autos as well as loitering).
  • Other outdoor areas – Must be appropriately lit.
  • Landscaping – Must be trimmed and maintained to allow for natural surveillance (3 /7 rule).
  • Public entrances – If the building is equipped with an intercom / doorbell system, the public entrances must be locked at all times and the system maintained and functional. If any new apartment complexes join the program during their construction, they will be required to install such a system. Any complexes that do not currently have such a system will not be required to install this type of system to participate in the program, but it is strongly encouraged.
When the apartment community meets these security requirements, the management will receive a second certificate showing they have met the minimum-security requirements of the C.P.T.E.D. program. This certificate is to be displayed with the previous (completion of training) certificate in the leasing office. These minimum-security requirements should appeal to the honest renter looking for a safe apartment in which to live. It will also show dishonest applicants the management is working with the police department.