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Crime Free Rental Property - Phase Three

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The Apartment management must host an annual crime prevention meeting between a representative from the Appleton Police Department, the tenants, and the management staff. This meeting allows us to show tenants the benefits of working with management and the police, to share information, and help neighbors to get to know each other. This meeting can cover topics such as:
  • Responsibilities of residents (witnessing/reporting crimes)
  • Domestic violence
  • Burglary and theft prevention
  • Block Watch principals
  • Personal safety awareness
  • The participating rental properties will be given information regarding Neighborhood / Apartment Watch programs.
In addition to the annual meeting, apartment communities are encouraged to start an apartment watch program. 

Upon completion of this training (meeting), the management will be issued a third certificate to be posted in the leasing office. The three certificates should send a powerful message to the honest and dishonest applicants. The residents realize that the police cannot be everywhere at once, but they know that other residents and managers will be watching closely and working with the police.