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Crime Free Rental Property - Phase One

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The property owner and their key employees are required to attend the annual training program put on by the Appleton Police Department and the Fox Valley Apartment Association. Key employees are required to attend the training every two years. Key employees include regional supervisors, property mangers, assistant managers, leasing agents, and maintenance. This program generally takes one day to complete. Areas that are covered include:
  • The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program
  • Abatement Training per ss# 823.113
  • Applicant screening
  • Preparing the property
  • Rental agreements / Crime free lease addendum
  • Ongoing management
  • Apartment Watch programs
  • Warning signs of drug activity / Clandestine labs
  • The role of the police
  • Crisis resolution
  • The Section 8 housing assistance program
Once this step is completed, the participating properties will have to institute an applicant screening process that is used in a consistent manner. It is highly recommended that the landlords/property managers follow the guidelines set forth by City Ord. 8-30 (1). City Ord. 8-30 (1) states - Exclusions for certain convictions. This ordinance does not prohibit eviction or refusal to rent or lease residential property because of the conviction record of the tenant or applicant or a member of the tenant’s or applicant’s household, if the circumstances of the offense bear a substantial relationship to tenancy. The phrase “circumstance of any offense(s) bear a substantial relationship to tenancy” means the offense is such that, given the nature of the housing, a reasonable person would have a justifiable fear for the safety of the landlord or tenant property or for the safety of other residents or employees. Provided that the circumstances of the offense bear a substantial relationship to tenancy, such offenses may include but are not limited to the following: disorderly conduct involving disturbance of neighbors, disorderly conduct involving destruction of property; at least two (2) or more misdemeanor drug related convictions, or any drug related felonious criminal activity; criminal activity involving violence to persons such as murder, child abuse, sexual assault, battery, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon; criminal activity involving violence to or destruction of property such as arson, burglary, criminal trespass to a dwelling. Time limit exclusions. The exclusion for certain convictions shall not apply if two (2) years have elapsed since the applicant or member of the tenant’s or applicant’s household was placed on probation, paroled, released from incarceration, or paid a fine for the offenses set forth in paragraph 1 unless the offense is one which must be reported under the Sex Offender Reporting Requirement of Sec. 973.048, Wis. Stats. Discrimination against victims of domestic abuse prohibited. 

The participating properties MUST use the Crime Free Lease Addendum

Upon Completion of this training program, the manager, or other attendees will be issued a certificate to be posted in their leasing office. This certificate will appeal to the honest renter who is looking for a safe place to live. They will have the comfort of knowing all applicants are carefully screened and the criminal activity on the part of other residents will be dealt with through the eviction process. This will also discourage the dishonest renter from even applying, especially if they were evicted from another participating property.