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Crime Prevention

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For a crime to occur, an opportunity has to exist and a motivated criminal has to be present. Help prevent crime by taking informed steps to make your neighborhood, business, and family safe and resistant to crime and unattractive to criminals.

The Appleton Police Department strives to reduce crime and improve quality of life in partnership with the community we serve. Community Liaison Officers (CLOs) deliver and support ever-evolving prevention and safety programs, and maintain close partnerships with organizations, agencies, and community members. CLOs employ strategies ranging from personal safety to CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), stay aware of the latest residential and commercial security practices, and coordinate resources to combat current crime trends and future threats. Where you see Neighborhood Watch, Crime Free Multi-Housing, or safety and prevention presentations, know the Appleton Police Department is close at hand and ready to assist. 

Review the prevention program and action information posted below. For additional information or support, contact the Appleton Police Department: