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CIT Trained Officers

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Appleton Police Department CIT Trained Officers (As of 05/2017)

Assistant Chief Todd Olm 

Capt. Todd Freeman 

Capt. Rudy Nyman 

Capt. Larry Potter 

Lt. Chad Allaback 

Lt. Carlos del Plaine 

Lt. Mike Frisch 

Lt. Kelly Gady 

Lt. Gary Lewis 

Lt. Bill McCormick 

Lt. Polly Olson 

Lt. Todd Peters 

Lt. Mike Wallace 

Offc. Matthew Anderson

Offc. Leah Becher

Sgt. John Berkley 

Sgt. Chris Biese 

Sgt. Katie Bohren 

Offc. Meghan Cash

Offc. Dane Coonen (SRO)

Sgt. Derrick Danoski

Offc. Ignacio Enriquez (SRO) 

Sgt. Leon Fischer 

Sgt. Mike Hammen (SRO) 

Sgt. Tony Iversen 

Offc. Joanna Kolosso 

Sgt. Adam Konkle

Offc. Matt Kuether (ISU investigator) 

Offc. Sean Kuether 

Offc. Brad Lehman 

Sgt. Joe Lidbury 

Offc. Ryan McCord

Offc. Nicholas Meyer

Offc. Adam Nagel (SRO) 

Sgt. David Nimke

Sgt. John Ostermeier 

Sgt. Carrie Peters 

Offc. Ryan Peterson

Offc. Karl Riechers

Sgt. Chad Riddle 

Offc. Craig Rohm 

Sgt. Tony Rosetti 

Offc. Greg Ryan 

Offc Jack Taschner 

Sgt. Chue Thao 

Sgt. Greg Vander Heiden (SRO) 

Sgt. Katie Vanderheiden (SRO)

Offc. Toua Vang

Sgt. Tom Wassink 

(SRO - School Resource Officer)