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Yard Waste

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The City of Appleton has 2 yard waste drop-off sites for non-commercial use available to the residents.  The Glendale Avenue yard site is a full customer service center open year round.  The Whitman Avenue yard site is a limited customer service center closed during the winter months and open April thru November.

1.)  Glendale Yard Waste Site - 2625 E. Glendale Ave.

Sunday  Closed
Monday   Closed
Tuesday  Closed
Wednesday  Closed
Thursday  Closed
Friday  Closed
Saturday  Closed


This site accepts grass clippings, brush, yard waste, motor oil, antifreeze, metal, appliances, tires, car batteries, garbage, worn American Flags.

See the site attendant with your proof of residency before dropping off any items.  Tarp or secure all loads before driving as branches and debris that fall into the roadway are a safety hazard.

 ITEM  Fees - (We accept cash or check only)
 Grass Clippings (30 gallon bag)  $4.00
 Grass Clipping Card  $40.00
 Branches & Brush  FREE
 Oil (10 gallon limit)  FREE
 Antifreeze  FREE
 Car Batteries  FREE
 Unserviceable American Flags  FREE
 Appliances (Freon)  $20.00
 Appliances (Non-Freon)  $15.00
 Tires - 18" diameter or less  $5.00 each
 Garbage (One Vehicle)  $15.00 minimum fee
 Garbage (Vehicle plus Trailer)  $35.00 minimum fee


Freon Appliances - refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers

Non-Freon Appliances - stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, furnaces, water heaters, microwave ovens, etc.

2.)  Whitman Yard Waste Site - 701 S. Whitman Ave.  -  SITE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED

 Sunday  Closed
 Monday  Closed
 Tuesday  Closed
 Wednesday  Closed
 Thursday  Closed
 Friday  Closed
 Saturday  Closed


The Whitman site accepts grass clippings, brush & branches and motor oil ONLY.  No antifreeze.

3.)  Neither site accepts dirt, sod, propane tanks, concrete, shingles, oil filters, electronics, hazardous waste, prescription drugs and medical sharps.  For the disposal of these, please call Outagamie County Recycling & Solid Waste at 920-832-5277. 

(Both sites are closed on all City observed holidays including Easter and the Friday following Thanksgiving.)