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Special Operations Division

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The Appleton Fire Department is trained to respond to a wide range of emergency situations-above and beyond the traditional firefighting expectations.

These areas include:

Emergency medical calls
  • Medical Treatment (as first responders)
  • Automatic External Defibrillation (AED)
  • Assist ambulance with transport if needed

Hazardous materials incidents


  • Identify Chemical
  • Contain Spill
  • Protect Property

Water and Ice Rescue



Other Rescue


  • Confined space rescue and structural collapse rescue
  • Rope Rescue
  • Machine Extrication
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • High Angle Rescue



All of these disciplines require additional training, both at the initial level and refresher training throughout the year.

As part of a regional approach to providing for these special disciplines, the Appleton Fire Department is partnered with several other fire/rescue departments and response teams to make up the Northeast Wisconsin Regional Response Hazardous Materials Team and Wisconsin Task Force 3 - Structural Collapse/Technical Rescue Team. Individuals on the departments involved in the regional teams spend a great deal of time training to maintain their skills in these specialty areas.