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Ask a Firefighter

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Ask a Firefighter

We want to hear from you! What questions do you have about our department, our job or what our responsibilities are?

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I called for an ambulance, why did the fire truck respond?
In the City of Appleton firefighters are trained as first responders. The firefighters are trained to deliver emergency medical care prior to the arrival of the ambulance. Many times the engines arrive before the ambulance. The firefighters also assist the paramedics in lifting and moving patients from a basement or second story of a home to the ambulance.

Why do the firefighters take the fire trucks everywhere they go?
The firefighters are working a 24-hour shift, beginning at 7:00 a.m. each day. The firefighters must be available to respond where ever they are at. Since we can not control what calls may come in, we must be prepared to answer any type of call, at all times.

Does the City of Appleton pay for your food while you are at work at the fire stations?
No. Firefighters buy all their own food. Most of the time they bring meals from home for the 24 hours that they work. For some meals, they pool money together to buy groceries. They are like a family, so sometimes it's nice-especially on weekends and holidays-for them to share a meal together.

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