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Operations/Suppression Division

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The largest division within the Fire Department is the Operations Division. Operations staff are responsible for emergency medical services, fire suppression, mitigation of disasters, and rescue and extrication activities. Specialized teams (Special Operations) include the Hazardous Materials Response Team, the Technical Rescue Team, Confined Space Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Technical Rope Rescue and Trench Rescue.

Responding to emergencies consumes a large portion our of time. On average, the fire department responds to 4,000 calls yearly. When not responding to emergencies, staff spends time training and conducting inspections. Inspections are completed for commercial and multi-family facilities to ensure compliance with the national and local fire and life safety codes.

When not responding to emergencies, training or conducting inspections, crews conduct fire station tours, participate in community special events, and give fire and life safety presentations. Learn more about public education activities at Appleton Fire Department.

Staffing in the Operations division is done in three shifts-A shift (Red), B shift (Black) and C shift (Green). The three shifts work an alternate 24-hour schedule called the California Schedule.

Each shift is comprised of the following staffing:

1 Shift Commander (Battalion Chief)
2 Captains
5 Lieutenants
7 Driver/Engineers
2 Firefighter/Inspectors
12 Firefighters