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Fire Prevention Division

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Fire Prevention
The Appleton Fire Department Fire Prevention Division consists of two full-time Fire Inspectors,six Firefighter Inspectors, and one Civilian Fire Protection Engineer.

To obtain a permit for open burning or outdoor fireplaces, contact 832-5810 or check out our Web page.

Commercial and Residential Inspections
Fire and Life Safety Inspections are conducted in all commercial and multi-family residential occupancies.

The Appleton Fire Department conducts nearly 6,000 inspections annually. These include routine fire inspections, occupancy inspections and license/permit inspections for open burning, pyrotechnics, flammable/combustible storage, tent/membrane structures and special events. Routine inspections are also completed by operations line firefighters.

The Fire Prevention Division also performs reviews of fire sprinkler, alarm and detection, and special hazard fire protection systems.

Fire Protection Plan Review
The Appleton Fire Department is one of nine communities in the state that conducts fire protection plan review at the local level as a delegated agent of the State of Wisconsin.

Contractors that design and install systems within the City of Appleton submit the plans directly to the Appleton Fire Department for review and approval. Fees are collected for state plan review as well as local plan review and a portion of the fee is then forwarded to the state. To submit a plan to the Fire Department, complete the Plan Review Submittal Form.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Our Prevention department provides fire extinguisher training for businesses. The training consists of a classroom portion where basic fire safety and fire extinguisher information is shared; and a practical hands-on portion consisting of actually using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire. There is a fee for this training.

If you have questions about plan reviews, sprinkler systems, permits,inspections,alarm systems,or occupancies contact the Prevention Division at 832-5810. You can also Email us at