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Citizens and Firefighter awards

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The Appleton Fire Department has an awards program for our Firefighters and for citizens. 

Firefighter awards range from lifesaving awards to our Firefighter of the Year. 

We encourage our staff to nominate their co-workers for a job well done. Citizens are also nominated by Appleton Fire Department staff for acts to save life and property. 

Award recipients are honored during the first Common Council meeting in October every year. 

Citizen awards include: 

Good Samaritan Award: Presented to a citizen for the performance of an act of human kindness, which saved a life or prevented further injury to another person. 

Award of Merit: Presented to a citizen for performing a great act of service where life was not involved, including assistance to the fire department which aided in preventing property loss and/or possible injury to fire fighting personnel. 

Firefighter awards include: 
Lifesaving Award: Presented to department personnel for performance of an act in the line of duty, which through prompt and alert action at great personal risk, results in the saving of a life.

Award of Honor: Presented to department personnel for performing an outstanding act while in imminent personal hazard of life or injury with full knowledge of the risk involved. 

EMS Lifesaving Award: Presented to department personnel for pulseless-nonbreathing patients who are resuscitated through direct intervention of our personnel and the patient is discharged from the hospital. 

Meritorious Unit Award: Presented to members of a unit for exemplary actions. 

Award of Merit: Presented to department personnel for saving a life with no risk to his/her life.

Recognition Award: Presented to department personnel for a highly-credible accomplishment performed within the scope of their duties and job description set forth by the Fire Department, which brings recognition to the individual, the department or the profession of firefighting. 

Firefighter of the Year: Presented annually for accomplishments in line with devotion to duty, service to the public and/or bringing positive acclaim to the fire department.