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Salary and Benefits

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Salary and Benefits
The starting salary for firefighters is approximately $45,000, plus a fringe benefit package. See the Human Resources Web page for more information on benefits.

Prior to completing a 18 month probationary period, candidates will be tested and must exhibit proficiency in the skills of a firefighter. If the candidate cannot successfully pass the department's training and testing program, the candidate's employment will be terminated. Probationary employees' performance is reviewed on a regular basis. Participation in an annual physical fitness test in mandatory.

Upon hire, candidates will enter the Appleton Fire Department's Recruit Training Class. For a period of 12 weeks, candidates will attend an intensive training program in which they will receive training in the fundamentals of firefighting. At the end of this period, candidates must pass the State of Wisconsin's written and practical test for State Certification Firefighter I & II. Candidates will also complete a 40 hour class in Emergency Medical Services and Automatic External Defibrillators.