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Steps involved in the hiring process:

As of 2010 the Appleton Fire Department has joined with Fox Valley Technical College and a few other Northeast Wisconsin Fire Departments to start a regional hiring process. Through FVTC you will complete a written exam and run the CPAT. After you complete the testing at FVTC a list will be formed based on scores, which fire departments will hire from. See the Fox Valley Technical College link above for more details and to sign up to start the testing process. Good luck, we hope to see you soon.
  • The Written Test: The Written test measures reading comprehension, the ability to make common sense judgments, the ability to understand mechanical devices, problem solving skills, and the ability to solve arithmetic problems. Taken with Fox Valley Technical College.

  • Assessment Center: The Assessment center is a testing process that evaluates the ability to perform specific job-related skills and behaviors which are essential of a firefighter. The Assessment Center includes an oral presentation.

  • Physical Ability Testing: The Physical ability test consists of several events involving strength, endurance and agility. Minimum qualifying scores must be achieved on the physical abilities test event. Candidates will be allowed to practice sessions for this test. The City of Appleton Fire Department utilizes the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT). Taken with Fox Vally Technical College.

  • Police and Fire Commission Interview: The Police and Fire Commission interview is designed to evaluate general qualifications for employment as a firefighter. Candidates are evaluated in the areas of work history (including military experience, if applicable), educational background, interpersonal relationships, interview behavior, communication skills, reasoning abilities and problem solving skills.

  • Background Check: The Background investigation is conducted to evaluate candidate's honesty, respect for the law, respect for the rights of others, employment records, dependability, financial responsibility, driving record, as well as maturity in judgment, including the use of drugs and intoxicants.

  • Psychological Evaluation: The Psychological evaluation includes a job-related interview, problem solving testing, and the test of the kinds of personal and interpersonal functions that are important to the various roles of a firefighter. This is not a "mental health" evaluation, but instead a part of our efforts to ensure a good fit between the department and its firefighters.

  • Interview with the Fire Chief: The Interview with the Chief is designed to find both the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, the attitude and desire of the candidate to be a firefighter, and the ability to work effectively within the organization.

  • Medical Evaluation: The Medical evaluation is given by a physician. This determines if a candidate is in excellent health and has the ability to perform the full range of firefighter abilities, with no conditions that would restrict the ability to safely perform those duties. All candidates will be subject to a drug alcohol screening prior to the appointment. (The medical evaluation is done only after the conditional offer of employment has been made).