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Tree Regulations & Policies

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Tree Regulations & Policies

Please contact the Forestry Division at (920) 832-5580 with questions on tree planting. 

As a City of Appleton property owner, you can request to have a tree planted on the terrace or boulevard in front of your home or business. You can also request to "donate" a tree or trees to be planted in the park of your choice as a memorial or in honor of a special person. The property owner or donor works with the city Forester to choose the type of tree and price range. Tree planting is site specific and each location must be assessed for proper species selection. To make a tree inquiry please call (920) 832-5580. 


Trees are planted on new street construction and street reconstruction projects during the planting season following the completion of construction. Trees are also planted on request and as replacement for trees that are removed if space allows. 

Species selection is based on the site and its limitations. A wide variety of species are available. Planting of new streets and reconstruction is done on a block by block basis with one species on each block. 

Spacing requirements:

1. 40-60' lateral spacing 
2. 60' from approach side of intersections 
3. 30' from exit side of intersection 
4. 10' from driveway aprons 
5. 10' from water shut off valves 
6. 10' from gas line T’s 
7. 20' minimum from street lights 
8. Appropriate spacing from existing landscaping 


All trees carry a full guarantee unless damaged or neglected by the homeowner. 


Trees are removed from city streets, parks and right of ways at no charge to property owner for the following reasons: 

1. Tree health has declined beyond repair by proper arboricultural methods. 
2. Public safety is jeopardized by unsafe structure that cannot be corrected by generally accepted arboricultural practices. 
3. Street reconstruction design that would require excessive root removal that would cause an unsafe condition. 

Trees may be removed and property owners charged for the cost of the tree removal and the value of the tree as established by the method approved by the International Society of Arboriculture in cases where construction or building design require removal. Tree protection should be a high priority for design considerations.