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Gypsy Moths

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Gypsy Moths in your backyard can be a real nuisance. At high populations, the caterpillars seem to be everywhere. Their feeding stresses and may kill valuable trees. You will not get rid of every gypsy moth in your yard, but you can take some simple steps to cut their numbers. Twenty counties in eastern Wisconsin are under quarantine, meaning that it is illegal to carry items out of an area if they harbor gypsy moths. Get in the habit of checking your outdoor equipment for hitch hiking moths. 

For more information, or if you think you have found a gypsy moth, call your local forester, county agent, agricultural agent, or check the following web sites. 

Each of these sites may have varying degrees of information and value. The sites that are related to or sponsored by universities and governmental agencies are typically more reliable. 

The following sites may have particular value in relation to the Gypsy Moth problem in the Fox Cities and Wisconsin: 

 UW Extension Office - Gypsy Moth in Wisconsin