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Homeless/Affordable Housing Grants 

In addition to Community Development Block Grants, administered by the Community and Economic Development Department, the City of Appleton administers several grants that address priority housing and homeless needs identified in the Consolidated Plan for HUD, including:
  • Emergency Transitional Housing (ETH)
  • Transitional Housing Program (THP)
  • Homeless Prevention Program (HPP)
  • Continuum of Care/ Supportive Housing Program (COC/SHP)

For more information on these programs, please see the descriptions below or contact the 

Finance Department

Emergency Transitional Housing Program / Transitional Housing Program / Homeless Prevention Program (ETH/THP/HPP) 

The purpose of these grants is to benefit persons in need of emergency shelter, transitional housing and homeless prevention services. Emergency Transitional Housing/Transitional Housing Program/Homeless Prevention Program (ETH/THP/HPP) funds are distributed by the Wisconsin Department of Administration via a competitive grant application process. 

ETH/THP/HPP funds serve all homeless populations, including victims of domestic violence, runaway adolescents, and persons with disabilities. Furthermore, the funding may be used in four categories of eligible activities: Renovation, Prevention, Essential Services, and Operation Costs. Within the City of Appleton the following local agencies receive ETH funding to carry out the above tasks: Salvation Army of the Fox Cities, Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities, Homeless Connections, The Fox Valley Warming Shelter, and ADVOCAP. 

As the lead fiscal and administrative agent, the City of Appleton applies for ETH/THP/HPP funding in collaboration with other local non-profit partners. The City serves as a pass-through for funding to local non-profit agencies that meet the niche requirements of the ETH/THP/HPP program. In exchange for serving as the lead fiscal and administrative agent, the City of Appleton receives a small amount of funding for administration costs. 

Continuum of Care/Supportive Housing Program (COC/SHP) 

Appleton’s two COC/SHP Programs, entitled the Fox Cities Transitional Housing Program and Wireworks Permanent Supportive Housing Program, are designed to promote the development of supportive housing and supportive services to assist homeless persons in the transition from homelessness and to enable them to live as independently as possible. Assistance in the Supportive Housing Program is provided to help homeless persons meet three overall goals: 1. Achieve residential stability; 2. Increase skill levels and/or incomes; and 3. Obtain greater self-determination. 

Supportive services, as provided by partner agencies, include child care, employment assistance, outpatient health services, case management, housing counseling, nutritional counseling, security arrangements, and guidance for other assistance. Salvation Army of the Fox Cities, Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities and ADVOCAP provide the direct services associated with the two COC/SHP Programs. Their match sources include rental income and private donations.