Mixed Use Library Project-Parking Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What about the parking concerns for 100 E. College Ave. tenant parking needs and property owner's needs?

  • Will the cost of parking downtown go up due to this development?

  • Is there enough parking for both this potential development as well as the U.S. Venture Development and what about the Fox Cities Exhibition Center?

  • Why do we get charged to park at the free, public library when all other libraries in the Fox Cities provide free parking?

  • What information do you have that shows where downtown parking is needed?

  • Will there be short-term parking at or near the library to drop off books and run inside to pick up items on hold? What about handicap parking?

  • Is the City of paying for the future parking ramp? How much will that cost?

  • Is there underground parking in the phase one part of the project for library visitors?

  • Will the eventual ramp south of the YMCA be for YMCA members and the public?

  • Will a surface parking lot provide adequate parking for YMCA members and others?

  • Who owns the Soldiers Square Ramp?