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 2018 Resolutions

 Resolution #  Topic  Date  Submitted By:  Referred To:  Status
 1-R-18  FCEC Loan Interest  1/17/2018  Alderperson Baranowski - District 5  Finance Committee  Approved 2/7/2018
 2-R-18  Noise Variances  2/07/2018  Alderperson Baranowski - District 5

 Board of Health, Attorney's Office

 Under Review
 3-R-18  Solicitation Hours  4/18/2018  Alderperson Spears- District 12  Safety & Licensing Committee  Approved as amended 7/18/2018
 4-R-18  Chicken Permit Modifications  5/02/2018  Alderperson Meltzer- District 2  Board of Health  Approved as amended
 5-R-18  Bicycle Rack- College Ave  5/02/2018  Alderperson Martin- District 4  Municipal Services Committee  
 6-R-18  Contractor Non-discrimination policy  5/16/2018  Alderperson Meltzer, District 2; Alderperson Raasch, District 6  Attorney's Office  
 7-R-18  Snow Emergencies  5/16/2018  Alderperson Siebers- District 1  Municipal Services  On Council agenda 8/1/2018



2017 Resolutions


  Topic       Date  Submitted By:  Referred To:  Status
 1-R-17  Special Assessments  2/01/2017  Alderperson Siebers-District 1  Finance Committee  Referred to staff to make policy changes
 2-R-17  Resolution Tracking  3/01/2017  Alderperson Baranowski-District 5  City Clerk & Organizational Mtg.

 Approved on 4/19/2017;
Completed on 4/27/2017

 3-R-17  Reid Golf Course Debt  3/01/2017  Alderperson Jirschele-District 15  Finance Committee  Failed on 4/05/2017 
 4-R-17  Beekeeping in Commercial Districts  4/05/2017  Alderperson Baranowski-District 5
 Alderperson Siebers-District 1
 Board of Health  Approved by Council on 5/17/2017
 5-R-17  City Growth & Development Plan  4/05/2017  Alderperson Plank-District 7  Office of the Mayor- Referred to Finance  Approved by Council as amended on 10/4/2017
 6-R-17  Dogs in Parks  4/19/2017  Alderperson Lobner-District 13  Parks & Recreation Committee  Approved by Council on 5/17/2017
 7-R-17  Social Media in Public Meetings  4/19/2017  Alderperson Baranowski-District 5  Attorney's Office, Finance Committee

Reviewed by Finance Committee- New Resolution Submitted #16-R-17 and scheduled for Organizational Mtg.

 8-R-17  Chicken Run Size  5/03/2017  Alderperson Meltzer-District 2  Board of Health  Ruled as a violation of Council One Year rule by Council on 5/17/2017 - no action taken
 9-R-17  Alternate Truck Route on Lawe St.  5/03/2017  Alderperson Meltzer- District 2  Municipal Services Committee Presented 7/10/2017
 10-R-17  Bird City USA  5/03/2017  Alderperson Martin- District 4  Office of the Mayor  Approved at Council 8/2/2017
 11-R-17  Clark Street Speed Limit  5/17/2017  Alderperson Siebers- District 1  Municipal Services Committee  Withdrawn on 9/25/2017
 12-R-17  City Attorney Duties  5/17/2017  Alderperson Martin- District 4, Alderperson Croatt-District 14, Alderperson Plank-District 7  Finance Committee  Resolution and related Policy approved by Council 9/6/2017
 13-R-17  Valley Transit Commission Membership  6/21/2017  Alderperson Lobner- District 13  Fox Cities Transit Commission  Approved by Council 7/19/2017
 14-R-17  Animals in Tanks/Aquariums  7/19/2017  Alderperson Meltzer- District 2  Safety & Licensing Committee   Withdrawn on 8/9/2017
 15-R-17  Climate Change  7/19/2017

 Alderperson Baker- District 9, Alderperson Meltzer- District 2, Alderperson Dvorachek- District 15

 Mayor's Office then to Parks & Rec Comm.  Parks & Recreation Committee Referred back to Mayor on 10/9/2017
 16-R-17  Social Media- Council Rule  7/19/2017  Alderperson Baranowski - District 5  Organizational Meeting Approved at 12/6/2017 Organizational Meeting
 17-R-17  Street Occupancy Permits for Bicycle Racks  8/2/2017  Alderperson Meltzer- District 2  Municipal Services  Failed at Council on 8/16/2017
 18-R-17  Reaffirming the Public Safety Function of Local Law Enforcement  9/20/2017  Alderperson Meltzer- District 2, Alderperson Baker- District 9, Alderperson Coenen- District 11  Safety & Licensing Committee  Withdrawn on 1/10/2018
 19-R-17  Halloween Trick-or-Treat Hours  10/4/2017  Alderperson Lobner- District 13  Safety & Licensing Committee  Received and filed at 12/13/2017 Safety & Licensing Meeting
 20-R-17  Special Event Fees for ADI  10/4/2017  Alderperson Coenen- District 11, Alderperson Martin- District 4  Safety & Licensing Committee  Denied at Council 11/01/2017
 21-R-17  Sustainability  10/4/2017  Alderperson Croatt- District 14  Parks & Recreation Committee  Approved at Council 10/18/2017
 22-R-17  Alcohol Consumption on the 'Social Station' megacycle  10/18/2017  Alderperson Martin- District 4  Safety & Licensing Committee Approved at Council 1/17/2018
 23-R-17  Financing for the Fox Cities Exhibition Center  12/06/2017  Alderperson Plank- District 7 & Alderperson Baranowski- District 5  Office of the Mayor  
 24-R-17  Pledge and Security Agreement for the Fox Cities Exhibition Center  12/06/2017  Alderperson Plank- District 7 & Alderperson Baranowski- District 5  Office of the Attorney  
25-R-17  Created a method for notification if there are issues with the live stream of meetings  12/20/2017  Alderperson Spears- District 12  Organizational Meeting