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City Plan Commission

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The City Plan Commission shall consist of the Mayor, who shall be the presiding officer, the Director of Public Works or designee, one (1) member of the Common Council and four (4) citizen members. The City Attorney or designee shall serve as an alternate in the event a quorum is needed. The Mayor shall appoint the citizen members of the Plan Commission subject to confirmation by the Common Council for a period of four (4) years beginning on May 1. No citizen member shall be eligible for reappointment after serving two (2) consecutive four-year terms. The Common Council shall elect one (1) of its members to the Plan Commission for a term of one (1) year beginning on May 1 of each year.
It shall be the function and duty of the commission to make and adopt a master plan for the physical development of the city. The commission may from time to time amend, extend or add to the master plan or carry any part or subject matter into greater detail.