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Appliance tags, grass cards, tire tags, overflow tags and recycling stickers are available at the following locations.

Tire Tags (only accepts 18" diameter or less in size)

Fire Station #1 at 700 N. Drew St.
Fire Station #2 at 1801 S. Matthias St. 
Fire Station #3 at 801 W. Grove St.
Fire Station #4 at 724 E. Greenfield St. 
Fire Station #5 at 1701 W. Brewster St. 
Fire Station #6 at 4930 N. Lightning Drive 
City Hall Cashier at 100 N. Appleton St.
Valley Transit at 801 S. Whitman Av.
Department of Public Works - Operations at 2625 E. Glendale Av. 
Ace Hardware at 500 E. Northland Av.
Kitz & Pfeil Hardware at 1919 E. Calumet Street 
Van’s Northside Hardware at 1415 N. Richmond St. 

Grass Clippings $4.00/bag 

Grass Clippings $40.00/card 

Freon appliances - (refrigerators, freezers (remove doors) air conditioners, dehumidifiers - $25.00/each pick up at the curb 

Non-Freon appliances - stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, furnaces, water heaters, microwave ovens and other major appliances - $20.00/each pick up at the curb 

Overflow Tags for extra garbage bags - $4.00/each 

Tires - (limit 4 per household) $5.00/each 

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