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Walk your wheels campaign begins with new signage

Post Date:10/03/2016 11:57 AM

Starting Monday, you'll see some new signs on the sidewalks on College Avenue between Richmond Street and Drew Street. Walk your wheels sign

"Walk Your Wheels"

It's part of our new public education campaign for people to "walk your wheels" in pedestrian zones. 

City crews installed the new sidewalk signage Monday morning. The signs are part of a push to educate the community about the City ordinances that regulate bicycle, skateboard and roller/inline skates on the College Avenue sidewalks downtown.

The signs read "Pedestrian Zone Please Walk Your Wheels." Riding bikes, skateboards, roller skates and inline skates on sidewalks on College Avenue between Drew Street and Richmond Street is prohibited and has been since 1965. Other similar sized cities have similar ordinances.Prohibited wheels map

What's At Stake

Simply put, safety. College Avenue features many storefronts with doors that swing out onto the sidewalk. The last thing we want to see is a collision between a skater or cyclist and a pedestrian. At busy times during the day and when events are happening downtown, the sidewalks are full of people. 

Cyclists and skaters on College Ave. sidewalks are a source of complaints to our police department from businesses and others downtown. The ordinance in place isn't to deter people from using alternate means of transportation downtown, as we said, it's all about safety.


The Appleton Police Department may issue a citation for violations of the ordinance. Police Officers and Community Service Officers may issue a verbal or written warning or issue a citation. Citations range from $20 to $162.50.

As part of the new awareness campaign, you may see an increase in officer and Community Service Officer presence as they work to continue to educate the community about the ordinances and the new signs. We all want College Avenue and its sidewalks to be safe for everyone. 

Appleton Communications Coordinator Chad Doran can be reached at (920) 832-5814 or

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