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Suspect in Squad Theft and Carjacking In Police Custody

Post Date:07/24/2016 1:24 AM

Two adult men are in police custody following an incident in Grand Chute, involving the theft of a squad car.

On July 23, 2016, at approximately 6:30 PM, a Grand Chute Police Department officer checked the parking lot of the Pawn America (500 N. Westhill Boulevard) for subjects possibly involved in retail theft.  He located and spoke with two subjects, before calling a supervisor for assistance.  The supervisor arrived at the parking lot with a “live scanner”, used to help in the identification of individuals through a fingerprint scan. The incident quickly escalated to a physical confrontation involving one of the subjects and the two (2) Grand Chute Police Department officers.

During the physical confrontation, the male subject managed to get into the driver’s seat of one of the Grand Chute Police Department squad cars.  Officers physically attempted to remove him from the vehicle, but were not successful.  The subject was able to engage the transmission of the squad and backed the squad into the other parked squad.  During this combative episode, one of the officers received a non-life threatening injury. Additional Grand Chute Police Department officers, responding for assistance, entered the parking lot during this time.  Multiple shots were fired by officers at the squad containing the suspect.  The suspect was struck by this gunfire.  He continued to drive away from the parking lot and out of the area after being shot.  The squad he was driving also contained the Grand Chute Police Department K9 Fram.

The suspect continued driving the stolen squad car to the area of 4th Street and Outagamie Street.  At 6:53 PM, a call was received of the subject abandoning the stolen squad car and commandeering a vehicle from an adult female.  She was not hurt during the carjacking.  The Grand Chute Police Department squad was recovered with the K9 uninjured inside the vehicle. 

In control of the newly stolen vehicle, the subject made his way to Interstate 41. At 7:12 PM, the Brown County Sheriff’s Department reported trying to stop the stolen vehicle. By 7:21 PM, the vehicle had been stopped near Freedom Road and Interstate 41 by the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.  The suspect, a 36 year-old male, was taken into custody and was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. 

During the initial physical confrontation at Pawn America, the second person being spoken to by the Grand Chute officer, snuck away.  He called a cab company and was picked up in the area before attempting to return to the Manitowoc area.  Officers were able to determine his method of eluding and contacted the cab carrying the individual.  The cab was pulled over by the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department.  A 25 year-old male was taken into custody and was brought to the Appleton Police Department.

At the request of the Grand Chute Police Department, the Appleton Police Department is overseeing the shooting investigation at Pawn America and the carjacking, which occurred in Appleton.  In addition to the aforementioned law enforcement agencies, the Wisconsin State Patrol and Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department are assisting with the investigation.  It is believed all involved individuals have been identified and are in custody.  There is no further public threat related to those individuals.

Additional information will be released on Monday, July 25, 2016.

For additional information please contact Sgt. Lund at (920) 832-5509.


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