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New app puts park improvements in the palm of your hand

Post Date:08/31/2015

Would you help keep our parks looking their best if all you had to do was literally lift a finger?

With a new app developed by the City of Appleton GIS department with the Appleton Parks, Recreation and Facilities Management department you can do just that. 

The park damage collector app is a three-step form that allows you to report anything from graffiti to damage to a park bench to a burned out light. You can access the app via the GIS page on our website or submit a concern while you're at the park by scanning the QR code on several new signs posted at various locations in city parks. 


“This new app will let our park users alert us to problems they may see so we can address them,” said Parks, Recreation and Facilities Management Department Grounds Manager Tim McGuire. “The app is quick and easy to use and we hope it will lead to an improved image of our park system.” 

The form will ask you to include your name, the date you observed the damage you are reporting, the type of damage and any comments you wish to add. You will also be asked for your email address if you would like to receive a response when the damage is fixed. Both your name and email address are optional. You’ll also have the option to add a picture and be asked to add a location of the damage. You can select your location manually or let the app find you. 

If you choose to enter your email address, you will receive a response that your report has been received and an email letting you know when the damage you reported has been fixed. 

Appleton’s 34 parks cover more than 600 acres of land in the city. Crews visit each park every day from May through September and about twice a week from October through November. The rest of the year parks may only be checked once a week. 

“Our staff does a tremendous job attending to the needs of Appleton’s parks,” said McGuire. “However they can’t always see everything and we think this new tool will give the community a sense of ownership of our parks to help keep them looking nice.” 

While the app will always be accessible through our website, currently signs for the app are only posted in the four largest parks, Erb, Pierce, Memorial and Telulah. If successful, signs will be placed at other parks in the city in the future. 

If you see suspicious activity in the parks occurring or see suspicious behavior, call the Appleton Police Department directly at 832-5500. 

Appleton Communications Coordinator Chad Doran can be reached at (920) 832-5814

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