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Appleton Police Release Annual Use of Force Review & Analysis

Post Date:03/15/2016 10:06 AM
The Appleton Police Department believes in transparency.  To educate and inform the public, the department compiles yearly reports detailing the work accomplished as an agency and an annual report outlining the number of incidents involving force utilized by officers to control a situation, affect a seizure or to control an individual.  The Appleton Police Department’s “2015 Use of Force Review and Analysis” is now available for public review.

In 2015, the Appleton Police Department documented 48,809 calls for service.  Analysis of those calls show the officers of the Appleton Police Department utilized force (as outlined in reporting requirements) a total of 47 times in 2015.  This use of force represents a 32% decline from force used in 2014 incidents and a 40% drop from the previous 10-year average. 

The Appleton Police Department includes the following intervention options in their use of force policy:
1. Electronic Control Devices (Taser)
2. OC Spray (Pepper Spray)
3. Passive Countermeasures
4. Active Countermeasures
5. Incapacitating Techniques
6. Impact Weapons
7. Kinetic Energy Impact Weapons
8. Canine Bites
9. Firearms/Deadly Force

When use of any of the aforementioned intervention options occur, the incident requires notification to an on-duty supervisor and a written report to be completed.  Each completed report is reviewed by a unit/district commander, Unified Tactics Coordinator and the Assistant Chief of the Appleton Police Department.

To accomplish our on-going goal of fewer use of force incidents, the Appleton Police Department looks for, and trains, alternative and safer ways to control resistive or combative individuals.  The use of trained techniques and alternative approaches played a role in decreasing the number of incidents utilizing focused strikes (nine (9) in 2015) and ECD (Taser) activations (14 in 2015).  No uses of force, in 2015, involved the use of OC Spray (pepper spray), baton strikes or deadly force.

Use of force is not taken lightly by the members of the Appleton Police Department.  As an agency, we remain committed to following existing policies, conducting realistic training and completing comprehensive reviews of all incidents involving the use of force.  We understand the reality of policing and accept the fact of a small percentage of individuals having a mindset of resisting arrest or an officer’s attempt to lawfully control a situation.  However, the understanding and acceptance of these things, does not mean our officers and training staff will not continue to work to keep our use of force incidents to a minimum.

For more information on the “2015 Use of Force Review and Analysis” from the Appleton Police Department, please check our webpage at this link http://www.appleton.org/home/showdocument?id=6389 

Additional questions can be directed to Sgt. Dave Lund at the Appleton Police Department (920) 832-5509.
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