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Preparing for COVID-19 Home Care

Post Date:04/09/2020
So far we've had two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Appleton. We're happy to report, both people have recovered and are now symptom free.COVID-19 Home Care

But with that, we know there are more cases here right now. Our Health Officer believes community spread of COVID-19 is happening. We should all be prepared for caring for ourselves or others in our households who may contract the virus.

Think about what supplies you may need to have on hand. Consider purchasing those sooner rather than later. Consider where in your home you would isolate yourself or other ill household members.
Some ways to manage symptoms at home:
  • Rest and stay hydrated
  • Stay in a specific room and away from other people
  • Avoid sharing personal items (dishes, towels, bedding)
  • Clean all surfaces with cleaning sprays or wipes
  • Have a thermometer, face mask and over-the-counter medicines available
The CDC has a very helpful checklist on its website to help with your planning.