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Revaluations boost property and overall City values

Home values increased by 20% since 2014

Post Date:08/30/2019

A growing economy has led to a large increase in home values in Appleton. Assessment Drawing

Since the last citywide reassessment in 2014, home values have, on average, increased 20% in the city.

The increase in residential property values comes after a revaluation of 20,000 residential properties by our City Assessors office this year. The assessed value of a property is based on its market value, thereby creating tax fairness among properties. Property tax in turn pays for services like roads, parks, snow plowing, public safety, schools and more.

Mandated by the state, our assessor’s office reassesses every property in Appleton every five years. But this reassessment doesn’t necessarily mean your taxes will go up. The total value of the City increased 15%, meaning only homeowners with an increased value of more than 15% will likely see a tax increase in December. Assessment notices will be mailed to residents in September. Our assessor’s office can be reached at 920-832-5850 or

Visit our Assessor's Office page for more information. 

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