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Salt shortage forcing DPW to limit use for the remainder of winter

Post Date:03/04/2019

Our already challenging winter is about to get a little more challenging for all of us. plow from behind salting on college

We have been notified by our salt supplier, that they are unable to supply us with our full salt order until sometime this spring. That means we will be rationing our supply to get through the winter, or until we are resupplied. 

Effective immediately, we will only salt our main streets, hills and bridges. We will be unable to salt any other streets until our next supply of salt is delivered in the spring.

We purchase road salt through a contract with the state and other municipalities to buy salt in bulk at a discount. That supplier, Morton Salt, required the order to be placed in April 2018. Our order was for 4,250 tons of salt and to date, Morton Salt has only been able to provide us with 2,500 tons.

This salt shortage is not an issue of budgeting or planning. There are limited options when it comes to buying salt in the large quantities we do. We will not be using sand in place of salt, because our storm sewers are not built to handle large volumes of sand. The DNR notes sand can fill up storm water ponds requiring them to be dredged and can eventually have the same effect on the Fox River.

This leaves us in a very challenging situation. The good news is we have a salt shed that affords us the luxury of storing salt, so we do still have a salt supply unlike many other communities at this time. However, the bad news is that we will need to use it sparingly in order to have enough salt to get us through when we typically stop using salt in the spring.

That means we all will have to use extra caution when driving. We will see many streets remain snow and ice covered for the next few weeks. It is important to use good winter driving skills and most importantly, to slow down.

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