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Facebook changes affect our ability to reach you

Post Date:01/26/2018

To our awesome followers. There's something we have to share with you about changes Facebook made this week. 

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but Facebook has changed the way you see content in your news feed. Basically it's valuing what your friends and family say over any "pages" you may follow. Many people appreciate that change. Most of us here do too. But it also means you'll see less of the posts we make.

We realize Facebook is a free service to use and that it means we have to play by Facebook's rules. This one though, is a game changer. In just a few days we've noticed a dip in the number of people our posts are getting served to. We know you all followed us for a reason. It's because we share timely and important information about what we're doing, photos and videos, along with an occasional humorous GIF or two and a Packers post here and there.

Of the 6,200 followers we have, we've always known a small fraction of you get served our post automatically. The rest is left up to the Facebook algorithm which gives weight to likes, shares, comments and other interactions with each post. We'd love for all our posts to get huge engagement with you, but we realize not everything we put out is important to all people.

So this change is frustrating for us in our attempts to interact with you. The only way we know you can have some control over seeing our posts is to do the following: 

We’re going to ask you to choose “See First” when you like or follow our page. But follow the simple step in the photo below. We usually share just one or two posts a day and we can confidently say it's something we feel is meaningful information you want to know about.

While we're at it, if Facebook really isn’t your thing anymore, follow us on Twitter! We’re at @cityofappleton. Twitter also happens to be our primary source of information during breaking news.

Whatever you decide, know that we’re here to engage, interact and answer any questions you may have.

Appleton Communications Coordinator Chad Doran can be reached at (920) 832-5814 or

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