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Police Investigating Numerous Fraud Complaints

Post Date:10/16/2017 2:24 PM
The Appleton Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies are investigating a rash of recent fraud complaints. 

The Appleton Police Department has taken over 30 complaints, over the past weekend, from people reporting fraudulent activity on their banking accounts.  Many of the reports seem to be linked to unauthorized withdrawals on debit cards.

Investigators from the Appleton Police Department are cautioning people about the use of ATM’s and unregulated checkouts; as they may be popular with individuals looking for a place to install skimmers.  Skimmers allow the thieves to collect information from debit cards, which allows them to make multiple unauthorized withdrawals or to purchase items without the cardholder’s knowledge. Skimmers have shown up frequently around the state in recent years.

If you are a victim of debit card fraud in the Fox Cities, you are asked to report the crime to the law enforcement agency where you reside.  Investigators from local agencies will be working collectively on the complaints.

If you have information about the individuals responsible for placement of skimmers, but wish to remain anonymous, please consider using the “REPORT” feature on the Appleton Police Department’s free phone app. 

For additional information please contact Sgt. Lund at (920) 832-5509.
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