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Partisan Primary Election

  • Date: 08/14/2018 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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 If you plan to head to the polls on Tuesday, August 14th, here's what you need to know:  

Voter ID

A valid photo ID card is now required to vote. A valid driver's license or one of several other forms of identification are acceptable. See the image at right for clarification, or visit this website for more information on the photo ID requirements. 

Polling Locations

If you are unsure where you vote or if you don't know what district or ward you live in, you can access that information by clicking on the "My Property Info" tab on the homepage of our website. By typing in your address you'll have access to a number of different tabs containing information about your residence. The "voting" tab will tell you where you vote, as well as the district and ward that you live in. Clicking on your voting location will open a map to show you exactly where your polling place is located. 

What's on the ballot?

Everyone will have the opportunity to vote in the Partisan Primary Fall Election for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, odd-numbered Wisconsin State Senate seats, all Wisconsin Assembly seats and the County offices of Sheriff, Clerk of Circuit Court and Coroner. Independent candidates names do not appear on the Partisan Primary ballot, but will be on the ballot in November. For additional election information or to see a sample ballot for your ward and district click here

What if I have other questions?

You can contact our City Clerk's office at (920) 832-6443.